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A dynamic, up-to-date, and confidential way for non-profits and government offices to serve our community better. Be able to direct your clients to the right service, everytime. Direct benefits to organizations and community members :

Non-Profit Organizations
  • Keep current on services and programs in our community
  • Provide your clients timely and accurate information
  • Include a linked, custom listing on your agency's website
  • Create secure, confidential referrals to other agencies
  • Quantify and share your contribution to the community
Community Members
  • Know which services are available TODAY!
  • Easily share services information with friends and family
  • Save your searches and review at any time
  • Print the services you want
  • Create your own list of important services
Donors & Funding Agencies
  • Get a strategic view of the most needed services
  • Research the history of past programs
  • See how many orgs are participating and how often
  • Use the service gap matrix to help decide funding options
Supporters & Contributors

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