Collect data faster

You know how difficult it is to collect and then work with data. Sometimes, you'll have the right data, but in the wrong format. You might have the right format, but you don't remember where you got the data.

With Open Knowledge Collaborative's data toolkit, you'll see your data history so you will always remember where you got your data. Using the OKC API toolkit, you'll also have your data in whatever format suits you.

Open Knowledge Toolset

Collecting your own data can be an arduous task. That's why we've developed some tools to help. In fact, we even offer smart phones and mobile tablets to make you look like and collect info like a true professional. The data you collect using these tools will be kept safe in a secure and encrypted database. You'll even have access to this data from anywhere!

Open Knowledge Collaborative's Mentorship Program

No one expects you to be an expert in data collection or using new technology. When you want guidance in collecting and using information, look into our Open Knowledge Mentorship. Amaze yourself with new skills and impress your colleagues.