About Us Our story in short...


Open Knowledge Collaborative makes sharing knowledge easy. We build the high-tech tools that make it easy and quick to collect quality data. We design the platforms to oversee the data collection process and visualize the results in real time. We guarantee that people have practical access to relevant information and have the support to advocate for social change. We support grassroots movements by ensuring that everyone has the information they need to thrive.


Open Knowledge Collaborative understands that creating and sharing knowledge lies at the center of every collaborative process. We envision a world where community advocates have the skills, tools and technology necessary to create, analyze, use, and share information for positive social change.

Open Knowledge Values
  • Every person has a right to the information about herself or himself, his or her family, community, health, education, livelihood and his or her inherent and legal rights.
  • To effectively advocate for the right to information, we must demonstrate methods to collect, analyze, and share information including how to use it to formulate powerful resonant messages.
  • With appropriate training, tools, and technology, organizations and community advocates - regardless of size or location - can demonstrate the needs of their communities, monitor their projects, and advocate for better, more efficient services.
  • Tools for data collection, analysis, storage and sharing should be intuitive, easy-to-use, adaptable, and localized in language and context.
  • Collection of information should incorporate the methods and platforms to simultaneously and easily share and monitor the information throughout the collection process.
  • Information should be shared as part of the collaborative process between organizations, not withheld for a competitive advantage.
  • Transparency of aid project status and results is at least as important as transparency of donor aid information.